About KAF

Kohoniktha Autuha Foundation (KAF) is an indigenous, non-profit making, voluntary humanitarian organization and non-political organization established to advocate for world peace, unity, rule of law, Democracy and good governance as well to stand in solidarity with nations and citizens who have faced injustices as a result of war, torture and unfair treatment.

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Popular Cause

They come from the fact that we are not only physical beings, but also moral and spiritual human beings.
Human rights are needed to protect and preserve every individual's humanity, to ensure that every individual
can live a life of dignity and a life that is worthy of a human being.

How can you help?

Helping others isn't just for the rich. If you really want to serve others, here are ways to help others even if you have no money.

Become a volunteer

Becoming a volunteer isn’t just about giving back to your community. It’s also about learning new skills, making lifelong friends and being a part of the world’s biggest humanitarian network striving for a safe and peaceful world.

Make a gift

Regardless of the person you need to buy a gift for and the cause you'd like to give back to, these gifts are guaranteed to please and will do a little good for the world, too. These gifts truly have both style and substance—what could be better?

Give a Scholarship

Scholarship is financial aid provided to a student on a certain basis, usually primarily academic merit. They can be based on several eligibility criteria such as needs, country or region of origin, gender, field of study, race, etc.